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Comprehensive Real Estate Development Firm in North Carolina

Our entire business model is designed so that we can act quickly and decisively across all sectors. We have positioned ourselves so that we are able to swiftly analyze deals and generate a unique capital structure so that we can seize opportunities as they arise and achieve success in an ever-changing environment.

A large part of our flexibility and agility, when it comes to finding and taking advantage of business opportunities, is due to the fact that we have a fully-integrated company with in-house engineering and construction departments. We are able to utilize our internal teams while also bringing in the best outside partners and resources when necessary.

For all these reasons and more, we proudly stand behind each investment. In fact, our own capital is invested alongside our partners so that your success is our business.


Bringing together innovative thinkers from all areas of business and design.

Our team is led by a dedicated, hands-on group of professionals with years of experience in real estate development. They have a knack for simplifying the complex and developing the finest properties in each sector.  

Al Goodrich
Managing Partner

Al has extensive experience in real estate development and construction. He worked with a premier development company based in Cary, NC before going on to found AB Goodrich Contracting and Wigeon Capital. He earned a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in industrial technology from East Carolina University.

Whit Brown
Managing Partner

Whit gained extensive experience in the real estate development industry during his time at one of the most respected firms in Raleigh, NC. He went on to co-found Wigeon Capital and currently focuses on deal sourcing, investment analysis, and market research among other areas. He earned a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in industrial technology from East Carolina University.

George Aiken
Director of Engineering

Before coming to Wigeon Capital, George worked with an international civil engineering firm based in the Netherlands. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in VA, NC, and AL. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from William and Mary.